influencer marketing

Leverage our industry contacts to generate leads that convert into new business.

Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have market influence. This market influence typically stems from an individual’s expertise, popularity, or reputation. Marketing to an audience of influencers is similar to word of mouth marketing.

How is an Influencer Marketing Plan Developed and Implemented?

The first step in an influencer marketing plan is to set goals for the campaign. Typically, goals for influencer marketing are often less about increasing sales and more about increasing buzz and public awareness. Before any influencer is contacted, a company must define their goals in measurable terms, spelling out exactly what they hope to accomplish.

Founder, Lisa Delliacono’s background spans a decade across Power, Energy, Oil and Gas industries. She has built her network with connections from more than 230 Power Industry trade shows and a LinkedIn base that surpasses 7,000. Her global reach extends to fleet managers in the field up to company presidents and CEOs.

Impressive Statistics on Lisa’s Network:

Average number of profile views per 90 days
Average views per posting in less than 5 days
Global network connections in Power, Energy, Oil, and Gas

Global companies ranging from G.E., Siemens, Calpine, Exelon, NRG, Duke Energy, Tampa Electric, Universal Plant Services, Ethos, Chevron, Shanghai Electric Group, Pretobras, Topaz Power, Luminant, Indonesia Power, Grand Bahama Power Company, Atlantic Power, Saudi Electricity Company and TECO Energy to many other utilities across the globe.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for working professionals. In fact, it’s one of the largest social networks in general. LinkedIn currently has over 467 million members in more than 200 countries.  This means that if you run an international business, LinkedIn is a great place to market it. However, that does not mean that if you’re a US based business you can’t earn an ROI there.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Impressive Statistics and Figures of LinkedIn:

As of 2016, there were over 467 MILLION LinkedIn users and is gaining an average of 2 members per second.

Let’s check out the LinkedIn Statistics:


Europe, the Middle East & Africa


Asia & the Pacific


Latin America


Middle East & North Africa


Southeast Asia


29% of LinkedIn Users are in the USA

98% of LinkedIn users are sharing content on the network. Let’s see what else people are using LinkedIn for:

  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Job Hunting
  • Recruiting

With over 467 million members worldwide and over 100 million in the United States alone, LinkedIn provides B2B companies with a tremendous opportunity to reach the right business audience.