Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click offers immediate engagement in search engines results.

LMD Power Marketing has been delivering best-in-class search, display, and video campaigns to our clients for years. We build our AdWords campaigns within your master account, giving you full administrative access, transparency, and control. We’re here to deliver the highest quality traffic to your site, and ensure you’re seeing a true return on your investment.

We employ a wide range of tools and skills to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet your digital acquisition goals.

Scope of Services

In addition to competitive insights, we use industry-leading tools to discover more about your customer’s online activities, interests, and demographics. We dive deep into your website and online presence to discover what’s working well, and identify new opportunities. All of this combined with our expert keyword insights allow us to develop a kick-butt digital strategy!

You need a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy using the insights generated from our in-depth research, grounded in proven consumer behavior and marketing fundamentals.

We will provide you with a comprehensive PPC / SEM / AdWords strategy outlining our recommended techniques for reaching your audience and rolling out a campaign that delivers on your digital objectives and goals.

LMD Power Marketing is a certified partner for Google AdWords and Google Analytics. We strive to continue being leaders in our industry, and to deliver the best possible return on investment for our clients.

LMD Power Marketing’s pay per click advertising services will deliver the following results:

Increased return on investment on paid traffic

Whatever amount of money you’re spending on paid advertising right now, you can stretch your budget to bring in more leads and buyers. We’ll design and execute your PPC strategy to make the most of your resources. Applying our services will increase your return on campaigns no matter the size of your current budget.

Generated highly-targeted leads to your website

In the paid traffic world, every visitor who clicks on an ad is an investment. When these visitors aren’t suited to becoming your customers, they become poor investments and extra expenses. We combine geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors to serve ads to your ideal customers, making each investment more likely to pay off with leads and buyers.

Developed a profitable PPC formula you can apply on future campaigns

A lot of PPC agencies will just launch a campaign and move on to another client. We’ll stick around after we launch your PPC campaigns for as long as your budget allows. We spend this time analyzing the progress of each campaign and applying the insights we gain to make them even more profitable. You can leverage this information in future campaigns.