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Imagine a really good looking person. They have the look, they’re dressed stylishly, their accessories accessorize. They got it all going on in the visual department. Now imagine that when this hot stuff person opens their mouth, out comes the most boring things. Things that are of no interest to you, make no sense, and maybe even are just downright wrong. All of a sudden, despite the great expectations you had when you saw this person, you’re disappointed. Turned off, even. You probably walk away. This is basically what happens when you spend incredible amounts of talent, time, and money to develop a fantastic looking and functioning website but give the copy little to no thought. Like assign the writing to someone in your office who has no experience with writing for the web.

It doesn’t matter how mind-blowingly awesome your website looks and acts, if your content isn’t properly written to communicate your brand, connect with your target audience, and convince people to buy your service, not to mention being optimized, you can kiss every cent of your website investment goodbye.

Writing for the web a is a very different beast from print writing. People read differently and their tolerance, comprehension, and provocation while online is different. With a content audit of your site, we can determine what copy is working, what isn’t and then either do an edit or a full rewrite, depending on what your goals are. We’ll make sure it the right kind of copy for the web, your business, and your customers.

Scope of Services

Once we understand what your online goals are (sales, sign-ups, downloads, etc.) then we’ll do an audit of your site’s copy to figure out the state of your content now and where it needs to be. Then we set forward to fill that gap.

Based on what we learned in the audit, together we agree on the recommended approach to your new copy. It may just be a matter of some minor edits throughout your site – perhaps stronger call to actions or renamed headlines. Or it may be more effective to start your website copy from scratch and do it right in one aligned effort.

We make sure the voice is on brand, that the information is not only correct but is actually the information your customers are looking for and interested in, and that it’s written and formatted in a way that holds people’s attention when they are reading online. We’ll also make sure your call to actions are strong, easy to find, and easy to understand.

You’ll provide us with the background product and service information we need and we’ll take it from there. Of course you’ll have a chance to review the copy before it goes live to provide feedback for 2 rounds of revisions.

Why LMD Power Marketing?

Not to name drop or anything but here at LMD Power Marketing, we like to quote a Mr. Bill Gates (maybe you’ve heard of him?) in saying “Content is king”. We believe it, we understand it, and we see the significant difference the right content makes for our clients. Our team of SEO and online strategy specialists, combined with our team of crackerjack writers have been putting the power back in power words for clients from a cross section of industries.