Meet the Founder

Lisa Delliacono
Founder, Lisa Delliacono, LMD Power Marketing

A career dedicated to digital marketing, branding and business development across the Power, Energy, Oil and Gas industries.

Founder Lisa Delliacono launched LMD Power Marketing in 2016 with the vision to create a marketing agency that provided clients with the necessary marketing ensemble to engage their markets, generate leads and most importantly: grow their market share in the Power Generation Industry.

Lisa Delliacono’s background spans over a decade across the Power, Energy, Oil and Gas industries. During that time, Lisa has built a network with connections from more than 450 Power Industry trade shows.

All of that activity has helped Lisa build a LinkedIn contact-base that surpasses 8,500 industry professionals, with a global reach extends from power plant and fleet managers to company presidents and CEOs.

Lisa spent many years working with small to medium size companies in the Power, Energy, Oil and Gas industries. She saw a clear opportunity to help companies in a very niche market to accelerate growth using proven marketing strategies.

As a premier provider of agency services for power generation companies, LMD Power Marketing works with small and medium-sized companies to help them develop effective digital marketing strategies and initiatives for client growth and repeat business.

Companies involved in power engineering, turbomachinery and related energy services’ fields often lack the attractive public image and customer appeal that larger OEM companies cast on their specialized markets—and this can hurt them in the long run.

More than ever, industry players are judged by the visual style in their branding, marketing and web presence—all focus areas for LMD Power Marketing.

LMD Power Marketing preaches to both prospects and clients the important of a solid brand that is relevant and engaging—not just a logo redesign with a few bells and whistles, as many other agencies do.

“Branding is just the beginning of the journey,” says Delliacono. “Having a website with compelling content and imagery is a must-have, but it must also include an effective call-to-action and other engagement features to reel-in qualified prospects—and we make it available in a cost-effective package.”

“Every day, I speak with company owners and their management staff to discover challenges that could be easily mitigated with proactive B2B marketing strategies,” said Lisa Delliacono, CEO of LMD Power Marketing. “Sometimes these companies just need a little expert guidance to help them see a clear path to the solutions and results they seek.”

The competitiveness of the Power Generation Industry requires that its service providers stand out from the rest of their potential competitors, but this is only possible when you have a well-thought strategic approach to engaging the global market.

With only a select number of energy-focused marketing agencies, LMD Power Marketing focuses on what’s most important to clients—that is, website development, digital marketing services such as SEO and SEM, brand development, copywriting, and content marketing to communicate their marketing message effectively across web, social and email channels.

About LMD Power Marketing

LMD Power Marketing is an outsourced power generation advertising, marketing and PR agency specializing in B2B marketing strategies and initiatives for companies in the Power Generation, Utilities and related industries. The company is based in Windermere, Florida and provides branding, web development, graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, and content marketing services. LMD Power Marketing is a Woman-owned company spearheaded by Lisa Delliacono, an experienced Power Generation Industry marketer.