2 Reasons Why Your Sales Team is Embarrassed by Your Website Design

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Embarrassed by your website design?

Most companies these days understand that it’s important to have a website, but is your website embarrassing? 

The internet has fundamentally changed the way people research and buy products and services and websites are an important part of the sales process. Unfortunately, sometimes having a bad website can be worse than not having one at all. Here are some reasons why your sales team is embarrassed to send prospects and customers to your website:

1. Your Website Looks Like it Was Built in 2001

Websites should be up to date with not only product and services but also the look and feel. When you go to a website that was designed and built a long time ago, you form an impression about the company that is negative. Your sales team doesn’t want people thinking your company is behind the times and will likely not point prospects to your website. Sales people want to send prospects to a site that is new, fresh and clean with up to date information about your company. If yours isn’t, you are not helping your sales people get new customers.

2. Your Website Doesn’t Look Professional

Top sales people want to work for companies that are professional and have a brand they can be proud to sell. A big part of that is your online presence. Your website needs to reflect the professionalism that you expect from your sales team. From high resolution pictures to nicely designed downloads and brochures, your website is an extension of your sales team. In order for your sales people to be effective, they need tools to help them. If they don’t feel your website looks professional and accurately reflects your brand, you are handicapping your sales people.

Companies don’t place enough importance on their online presence whether it be the website or social media. Those that do will be helping their sales team, those that don’t, will be lost in the dust.

Have you been so busy in your business that your website has been neglected? Is it time for a fresh, new look or just an update to your current site? We work with busy business owners and companies that possibly have either a bad website or no web presence at all. Let us help.

We at LMD Power Marketing can develop a new website in less than 8 weeks. Give your sales team a site that they can be proud to direct prospects to.

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